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We’re guessing you’re here because like us, you too get excited about the vision of the Big Church Day Out. Perhaps your life, or the lives of your family and friends have been impacted through it.

The Big Church Day Out’s vision is multi-layered but at it’s core you’ll find a heart that is passionate about playing our part in bringing God’s kingdom to earth in this generation. Some of this is easy to see; our passion for evangelism and following Jesus, whilst others are less so, like our prayer that everyone will leave BCDO with a renewed sense of hope,  courage and faith that God can use them to play their part in building His church. We want to make our mark on culture too, despite claims from the media that the ‘church’ is in decline, all around our country we see Churches rising up in significant numbers to impact our nation. The Big Church Day Out wants to champion those that live each day making a difference.

We also believe in gathering in unity and love, the Bible calls this the ‘Great Assembly’ – “I will give you thanks in the great assembly, I will give you praise among huge crowds of people.” Psalm 35:18. Our vision is to do all we can to make the event as accessible to as many as possible, not only so the wider church can come together, but so that people feel comfortable inviting their friends and family from outside of church, and that’s why our ticket prices are as affordable as possible.

And here’s the exciting bit, you too can partner with us to help see this ‘Great Assembly’ grow, to see more lives impacted, and to see the Big Church Day Out continue to be the beacon for the church we believe God wants it to be.

The Big Church Day Out is a charity, and our annual budget is in excess of £2.5 million. We raise around 90% of this through our main activities, but each year have to fund raise the remaining 10%, around £250,000.

Right now we are still fundraising to recover around £500,000 of unrecoverable costs due to having to cancel the 2020 event because of coronavirus, whilst we continue to plan for our next gathering.

We would be so grateful if you would join us on this  journey.