About BigChurchDayOut

BigChurchDayOut is an all-age event taking place at Wiston House, West Sussex BN44 3DZ on 24th & 25th May 2014.

The BigChurchDayOut is all about us coming together to celebrate our faith, no matter what our church or background.  The inaugural event at Wiston, West Sussex in May 2009 attracted 15,000 people, making it the biggest one-day Christian event in the UK. In 2010, with an additional site in the Midlands, over 25,000 came together over 3 days to worship and have fun together, and with just one event at Wiston House since 2011 BCDO now sees over 20,000 join in celebration each year.

The BigChurchDayOut is about people and faith, music and worship, activities, families, and just being together. There’s something for everybody, from a nice cup of tea with a Chamber Orchestra, to high energy worship, and some of the best ‘Christian’ music the world has to offer…it’s all about being ‘church’ together.

Our aim is to encourage and inspire people to press in for all that God has called them to do, both locally and further afield, and to provide a relaxed environment to introduce friends and family who have little or no experience of church. We are committed to giving those who attend the opportunity to respond to the gospel message each year.

Tim Jupp, formerly of Delirious, heads up the BigChurchDayOut team.  Our partners include the Wiston Estate, other numerous organisations and local churches and supporters from across the UK and beyond, who share a common desire to serve the church.  Individuals, church leaders, whole churches and other Christian communities give their time and expertise to bring the BigChurchDayOut alive.

We are not a money making event, and are blessed with donations from generous donors who have invested heavily in the vision of the BigChurchDayOut.  That vision sees us reaching out to as many of God’s people as we can, which is why our ticket prices are so heavily discounted.

More and more people are offering to support the growth of this vision, and your help means we can keep going. If you would like to find out more then we’d love to invite you to become a BigChurchBuddy by clicking here.

TheBigChurchDayOut is a registered charity-no. 1127987

BigChurchDayOut is an all-age event taking place at Wiston House, West Sussex BN44 3DZ on 24th & 25th May 2014

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